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Post-Conference Workshop Day

Leveraging AI & Automation in Data Visualization

1.30 Visualization and Artificial Intelligence: Value and Synergies

• Understanding the critical importance that visualization brings to analytics workflows including AI methods
• Identifying how AI methods can be integrated and complement visualization approaches
• Exploring the roles that each play, and their perception across disciplines within the company

Peter Henstock

Peter Henstock
Machine Learning & AI Technical Lead: Combine AI, Software Engineering, Statistic & Visualization

2.30 Applying Automation & Artificial Intelligence to Data Visualization
• Exploring the role of automation to update reports and dashboards and scale up the use of visualization
• Understanding data collection and integration requirements to really make automation work and for you to trust the results
• The lessons learned from experiences of applying automation and what you can do to avoid the same mistakes

Robert Middlekauff

Robert Middlekauff
Manager Data Visualization

3.30 Audience Discussion: Applying AI & Automation to Your Data Visualization Processes

This is your opportunity to benchmark the adoption of automation and artificial intelligence in your firm with others and discuss the barriers and challenges you see to further adoption. Walk away with insights into how your peers are tackling the same challenges regarding data, scaling up visualization, keeping reports and dashboards up to date in real time, and what roadmap others are following.

4.30 End of Workshop