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About Event

From healthcare to insurance, from manufacturing to banking, firms are striving to become more data-driven. The challenge now is how to bridge the gap between the data literate professionals mining the insights with the executives that make decisions.

Data visualization is a critical tool for solving this challenge, with major brands ramping up investment to maximize value and ensure they get it right.

Data Visualization for Meaningful Reporting will show you how to:

  • Create visuals that are meaningful, efficient and drive action
  • Factor in the needs of each specific audience in design
  • Measure and continuously improve the value of visuals
  • Organize teams to align data, design and business skill sets
  • Influence standards to collect and integrate data correctly
  • See the latest cutting edge in visualization use cases

This conference is for professionals who already understand the basics of data visualization and are now looking to improve their strategy, processes and team’s capabilities to scale up the value that visualization offers to their business.

If you’re looking to create a bridge between data and decisions in your firm, then this is a crucial addition to your schedule for 2019.

Review the event agenda here