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*Hanson Wade have taken the decision to cancel this meeting. Please do accept our apologies for any inconvenience or disappointment this will cause. Please register your interest here if you would like updates on the meeting or topic.*

Tell Data-Driven Stories that Drive Business Action

Organizations hold vast quantities of data, but struggle to adopt data-driven decision making. Now a bridge must be formed between data literate professionals and decision makers. That bridge is data visualization.

At Data Visualization for Meaningful Reporting, you’ll learn to understand your audience, build a team, get your data ready and tell data-driven stories that measurably improve decision making.

The event is completely vendor-neutral so you can take away unbiased insights into which processes and tools are best for your firm.

Highlight sessions for 2019 include:

  • Balancing simplicity of design with complex analysis to create visualizations that offer value to broad audiences
  • Ensuring decision makers use visuals in a scientifically correct way and avoid incorrect assumptions
  • Creating an organizational structure that enables people with analytical, artistic & business skill sets to work together constructively

For full session details, view the full event guide here.

“An intimate networking event specifically targeting data science leadership in business, for and by the leading lights in our industry.” Principal Data Scientist, Boston Consulting Group

“This was the most intimate and engaging conference I’ve ever been to, and I felt like we were all new old friends by the end.” Head of Data Science, Territory Foods